Bubbles Film is committing it’s Pre-Production planning, Production Procedures and Post Production Processes solely to the following guidelines. We strive for the best possible approach to a reduction of our carbon footprint and the one of any of our clients and partners. Therefore we have two certified Green Production Consultants as part of our teams in Hamburg and Berlin. Feel free to contact them in regards of any Green Production matters.

Frank Hasselbach (Berlin)

The Bubbles Offices

Our office locations are running 100% on certified renewable energy, which spares us about 80% carbon dioxide. Our office supplies and materials are recycled, recyclable and of sustainable production value. Our light sources are 100% run by LED lights. We conscientiously separate our waste. We strive for a minimum of printed documents through focusing on digital meetings and presentations. If unavoidable we only use recycling paper.

Commuting & Transport

Every distance which takes under 5 hours of traveling, is done by train. Especially for traveling within Germany. We try our best to limit business trips to a minimum and go for digital meetings as long as it’s possible in the process of production. If possible, we exclusively book hotels with ecological standards to be met. We concentrate shuttle or commuting drives on logistic and economic factors to avoid unnecessary fuel consumptions. All employees gets monetary support for using environmentally friendly ways of committing to work. Bicycles, public transportations or electric vehicles of any kind. We compensate every taken flight through www.atmosfair.de


We exclusively focus on vegan and vegetarian Catering on Set. This results in 20% less CO2 emission. We don’t use any disposable bottles or tableware on set. We avoid single use of any kind and separate, recycle and compost whenever possible.

Tech and Gear

If possible, we will build our creative lighting concept solely on LED lights. Generators are used sparingly through good energy management of production. We will rent and lend as many work related things as possible. Ranging from camera gear to props and Styling.