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Let’s Schweppes

Our new commercial „Let’s Schweppes“ is not only an exclusive highlight of our production year at Bubbles Film, but has also been featured on the infamous
Director’s Library. Kudos to our director Matthäus for shaping this new visual world of Schweppes.

Zusammensein ist ein toller Ort

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„together is a great place to be“

is the slogan of the latest OTTO Autumn campaign. We shot these films, finished a huge photo campaign and all social media assets together with photographer and director Jana Gerberding.  

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Hamburger Hochbahn

the public transport in Hamburg and the HVV supports the culture industry that slowly starts running again. On the link you see the 50sec cinema version, but the film did go on all channels online and offline. Agency: Carl Nann. Director&DoP: Phillip Mall. Celebrities: Dirk Darmstädter (Jeremy Days), Moonbootica, Oliva Jones, Nico Suave, Eve Champagne, […]

Take a TIER

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Urban mobility

Moving around the city with no hassle and fun is what we all combine with using a TIER. This campaign transports the sustainable and joyful mobility service in the urban jungle. Bubbles Film produced the campaign together with director and photographer Chris Noltekuhlmann and agency SchachZuDritt.

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Eric van Wyke x Bubbles

We welcome director Eric van Wyke to our website. With an uncanny knack for crafting highly cinematic stories that are still widely rooted in the unflinching relatability of everyday life, Eric Van Wyke’s work is all at once raw, unpretentious, and deeply moving.

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Discover no difference

Our latest work for ALDI uses a mirror effect to highlight the claim. This spot has been beautifully directed
by Joschka Laukeninks.
Besides that film we shot three more films for this campaign in Berlin together with agency Zum Goldenen Hirschen.


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ADC – we nailed it

5 silver and 3 bronze nails we’ve won at the ADC Germany Awards 2021 together with agency Antoni Heaven for the latest Bett1 campaign. Thank you all who made this happen! Thanks to for all the trust! CHEEERS!  


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Bubbles turns 10 and we want to celebrate with YOU!!
During all these years we’ve met fantastic people, had amazing crews, produced great films and had the pleasure to have a big time! You all have been part somehow and we’d love to share our happy moments. Follow us on instagram and don’t miss out the celebrations. #bubbleslovesyou

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we welcome director MARTINES to our website. He’s got intuitive gift for casting and rhythm and his reel combines the most beautiful food shots with storytelling. Watch his reel here.

Ich sag Ja

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„Ich sag ja!“

is the claim of this latest REWE campaign for their ja! product range. We shot this commercial together with agency thjnk and director Christian Schilling.  


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What can we do? And how can we take part to make a change? This new campaign of our client OTTO in cooperation with agency Freunde des Hauses creates more awareness for more sustainability. Director: Bram van Alphen.

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